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Our hotel is located in Arriondas, a few km from the Picos de Europa, Los Lagos de Covadonga. A 17 km de la Costa Asturiana.

The Hotel La Guindal is located in an important area for tourism, both winter and summer in this place of Asturias offers many scenic treasures, gastronomic and cultural.

From Arriondas can enjoy many activities of Tourism Assets: canoeing the river Sella, climbing, canyoning, caving, hiking, etc..

Mirador de El Fitu

Our reception will offer extensive information on all types of activities.


Mirador del Fitu

From the Alto del Fitu you can see beautiful views of the coast and the mountains of Asturias, where sunny days are incredible sunsets, an ideal place for lovers of photography, nature and the mountains, including the Picos de Europa in the background and entire coast of Asturias at our feet. The car leaves us in the same summit, the height of Fitu is 10km from Hotel La Guindal and is visible from their windows. Mirador de El Fitu

Sierra del Sueve

The Sierra del Sueve Parres separates the council of the Asturian coast, at the top of the Sierra (Picu Pienzu) we find the famous Cruz de Pienzu, visible from our hotel, from there we can see the wonder of the Asturian coast, with its beaches and fishing villages.
To reach the Cross Pienzu we leave the car at the Mirador del Fitu and take a road (west) will take us very marked, in barely two hours to the summit. The ascent is very relaxed and pretty, will also find 2 sources.

Actividades de Turismo Activo

Arriondas is characterized by its wide variety of McFarland Active Holidays from our hotel directly manage any activity you want to do: canoeing in the Sella River, caving, abseiling, quad biking, horseback riding, etc.

Asturian geography and more specifically the geography of eastern Asturias is very rich in natural treasures such as the river Vallegón the Dobra river or river Sella, the latter famous for its fishing activity and that it is celebrated Sella, considered the most important test worldwide rafting takes place the first Saturday in August.

Llanes, Tazones, Lastres, Colunga, Ribadesella ...

Peoples of the Sea with a high tourist attraction because of its beautiful beaches and beautiful setting that surrounds them, are all very close to each other and can be visited on the same day, from hotel The Guindal and across the top of Fito is reached Colunga, once there we can go all the eastern coast of Asturias.

Basílica y Lagos de Covadonga

A few 11Km. our hotel is the Basilica de Covadonga and the Santa Cueva, home to "La Santina" image of devotion for all in Asturias, a little higher up are the Lagos de Covadonga, one of the most emblematic of Asturias;

Note: It is better to visit the Lakes in the morning and leave the visit to the Basilica for the evening.


Lago Enol

Cuevas del Buxu y Tito Bustillo

The first is located near Cangas de Onis, the second and most important is Ribadesella, both contain important examples of rock art.

Note: It is imperative appointment to visit.

Cabrales, Poncebos, Bulnes, Tielve, Sotres, Tresviso ...

Villages in the heart of the Picos de Europa, easily accessible by car, but having access Bulnes funicular or on foot, these people can taste the famous Cabrales cheese.

Ruta del Cares

Former road linking the villages of Cain and Poncebos is best to start the walk on Cain and which is the most striking. The path between the western massif central massif of the Picos de Europa, following the path marked by the river Cares cross the Picos de Europa in a manner suitable for everyone.

Note: the full path is 22km round trip, so it is advisable to start thinking at all times that we must return the same way.

Fuente Dé

Teleférico de Fuente Dé

From this location can be accessed by cable car to the top of the central massif of the Picos de Europa, an unforgettable trip, noted a source of lies about two hours of Arriondas.

Fuente Dé


In the east of Asturias the number of beaches and coves is immense, the area of ​​Llanes save a lot of beauty among the cliffs which should discover and visit, a map is essential, beaches as "Torimbia" (nude) and "Sea Caves "Llanes are a must.

Note: find the beach "Gulpiyuri" and sand "the Canal" (Ribadesella area), natural clowns Villanueva de Pria.
Playa de Barro, San Martín, "Memory cubes" (Agustin Ibarrola, Llanes)


Gijón, Oviedo y Avilés

The three most important cities of the Principality of Asturias, cities must visit for both its history and its beauty, to access these cities from Arriondas is recommended to use the road to "coast" which starts Ribadesella or Colunga, crossed the coast Eastern Asturian almost entirely, another option is to use the N-634, also have access to the "Highway of Biscay"


Bufones de Pria

Cantabrian coast offers magnificent wonders.

I called Pria Jesters are a good example of this, when the sea is angry and the rising tide you can see this show.

The water filters through the tubes hard rock and rises to the surface with each wave.

A show not to be missed.

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